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I’m looking for people who want to be Little Devils!

Little Devils are part of The Devil Drinks Coffee Street Team! Because everyone has a Little Devil in them. ;)

As part of the Little Devil Team, you’ll get special Devil swag, sneak peeks at the book, and other cool exclusive
content! So what do you have to do? Just help me promote The Devil Drinks Coffee! I need you to post about the
book all over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and in mystery-related book groups on Amazon,
Goodreads, Shelfari; and anywhere else you can think of. I want as many people to know about the book as

I’m really excited about having Little Devils to help me out! So if you’ve read
The Devil Drinks Coffee excerpt, and
you’re interested in the Street Team, please fill out the form below!
Fill out as much of the form as possible. If you're missing
things—like if you don't have a blog or some of the social
media accounts—that's totally fine. Fill out what you can,
and I'll contact you! Anyone can apply to be on the Team.
The Devil Drinks Coffee Street Team!
© 2015 Angela Corbett, All Rights Reserved
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