It’s the most exciting time of the year in Branson Falls, Utah—the
annual county fair and parade. Branson Tribune editor, Kate Saxee, is
busy covering stories involving animal auctions, the popular “poop
drop” lottery, and a clown crash. Oh, and the Branson sugar factory
just exploded.

The sugar factory explosion seems strange, and when an unidentified
body is found inside, Kate is even more suspicious. In the middle of
that investigation, Kate starts noticing other odd things going on
around town, like a hot air balloon robbery, and a man’s attempt to
wrestle a deer. After Kate has an eventful night that she can’t
remember—she realizes something fishy is happening in Branson, and
there’s more to it than a little memory loss.

Her investigation leads her down a rabbit hole of mysteries—secrets
the mysterious P.I., Hawke, and politician, Drake, are more than willing
to help her uncover. Along the way, a poorly negotiated wager forces
Kate to spend time with Drake, and suddenly, her feelings about the
men in her life are starting to conflict.

As if those things aren’t enough, the Ladies have started a Hate Kate
Facebook Group, and Kate’s mom is on a baking vendetta that’s
bound to cause an epic Catasophie. Kate’s not sure what waits for her
at the end of the rabbit hole, but chances are good it’s more bodies,
and if Kate’s not careful, her body might be one of them.

A Kate Saxee Mystery Series Reading Order
1. The Devil Drinks Coffee (A Kate Saxee Mystery, Book 1)
2. Devilishly Short #1 (A Kate Saxee Mystery, Novelette 1)
3. The Devil Wears Tank Tops (A Kate Saxee Mystery, Book 2)
The Devil Wears Tank Tops
A Kate Saxee Mystery, Book 2
© 2015 Angela Corbett, All Rights Reserved
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