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“He was walking devastation, and I couldn't help wondering
how many hearts he'd destroyed. I wouldn't let mine be one of

Witty and blunt blogger, Brynn Harper, has a knack for incredible sex.
As a graduate student studying to be a sex therapist, Brynn’s heard
her fair share of intimate horror stories. Starting an anonymous blog
offering naughty advice changes her life. When a competitor tries to
"out-blog" her with equally risqué posts from a male perspective, Brynn
vows to shut him down.

But as she gets to know the mystery man on the other side of the
keyboard, her interest piques. Smart and funny, the man might be able
to charm her pants off—if she ever meets him in person. Brynn’s not
interested in relationships though, which is exactly what she keeps
telling sexy, confident, and persistent law student, Cade Brett, her
walking fantasy with a fondness for handcuffs. She can’t get him out of
her mind, but he won’t give her what she wants—unless she agrees to
date him first.

Torn between the alpha mystery man, and the infuriatingly enticing
Cade, commitment-phobic Brynn is in over her head. But one of them
could be the love of her life if Brynn can relinquish control and give in
to her heart.

*Due to mature content, this book is recommended for readers
over 18.
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