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“Someone needs to make you come completely undone,
Sydney Parker.” His tongue moved slowly over his lips. “That
someone is going to be me.”

Goal oriented Sydney Parker has never had a problem focusing. She’s
about to start law school, the first step on her way to the Supreme
Court. With no time for relationships, she lives vicariously through her
best friend Brynn, who has recently decided to use sex as a research
tool. Sydney, however, hasn’t been laid in years. Men are a
distraction, one Sydney has diligently avoided…until Jackson West
crashes into her life, and under her hood.

The last thing Sydney needs is a hot mechanic working on her ‘69
Camaro. Especially a hot mechanic with eyes like the ocean and lick-
me abs, who claims to be better in bed than a werewolf.

Jax thinks that’s exactly what Sydney needs.

But Sydney has goals, and a relationship with the enigmatic Jax would
challenge her.

Distract her.

Tempt her.

Sydney is about to find out that temptation is very hard to resist.

*Due to mature content, this book is recommended for readers
over 18.
Tempting Sydney
A Tempting Novel, Book 1
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